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'eerthathil' blog from the starting

1. This is the look when i started my blog with default blogger template.

2. Later i learnt to make 3 columns in the blog by referring tips for new bloggers. I customized with the html code and then colors. Also learn to place the header with the image designed in paint brush.

3. This is header to representing the tamilnadu copied from some tourism website.

4. This header was designed by my friend anitha with my ideas which represents pictures of tamilnadu by comprising Valluvar statue from Kanyakumari, Meenakshi temple from Madurai, Cavery from Trichy, Mahabalipuram Temple, Tidel Park and St George fort from Chennai.

5. A new template was customized like the above one with more features. Also http://eerththathil.blogspot.com converted into http://blog.nilavan.net

6. And right now what you are seeing is the professional template designed and customized by me with good looking and hope you all like it.

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