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Tamil Heritage Foundation

Tamil Heritage Foundation is one of non profit organisation which is involved in digital preservation of heritage materials since 1999. It servers for tamil diaspora by collecting valuable materials like paintings,sculptures, palm leaf manscripts, old and books. The organisation digitized lot of very important tamil collected from various places with its active members all over the world working on with it.


Its not only archieving all the resources, materials also it shares all with the people through text, image, voice, videos thorough internet websites which got spread across all the world. Everyone could contribute with this organisation by getting the ancient materials, digitize and and submit to the group with text, image, voice, and video format. It would be more helpful and you can add your work to this non profit organisation.

I had been to their recent workshop in chennai about the digitization. It really helped me to understand about THF and its various service from last 10 years for tamil.

Just go through the site and start reading the work done for last 10 years from the team. You really going to like it very much and get inspired with the materials and the people..
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