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Control Panel - Filenames

File name Purpose
Access.cpl Accessibility properties
Appwiz.cpl Add/Remove Programs properties
Desk.cpl Display properties
FindFast.cpl FindFast (included with Microsoft Office for Windows 95)
Inetcpl.cpl Internet properties
Intl.cpl Regional Settings properties
Joy.cpl Joystick properties
Main.cpl Mouse, Fonts, Keyboard, and Printers properties
Mlcfg32.cpl Microsoft Exchange or Windows Messaging properties
Mmsys.cpl Multimedia properties
Modem.cpl Modem properties
Netcpl.cpl Network properties
Odbccp32.cpl Data Sources (32-bit ODBC, included w/ Microsoft Office)
Password.cpl Password properties
Sticpl.cpl Scanners and Cameras properties
Sysdm.cpl System properties and Add New Hardware wizard
Themes.cpl Desktop Themes
TimeDate.cpl Date/Time properties
Wgpocpl.cpl Microsoft Mail Post Office
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