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Protest against IIFA 2010 in Bangalore

Save Tamil Movement and Karnataka Tamil People Movement(Makkal Iyakkam) conducted protest against IIFA 2010 which is going to host their function on Sri Lanka, the land of genocide. Srilanka was condemned by many countries and many other organisations for their war crimes and genocide against tamils, but i really wonder how people like Amitabh Bachaan, Sharukh Khan & so called are happy to shake their hands with Killer Rajapakse..

They call themselves as Indian and show their pride in denying any recognistion from Australia when some indians attacked in Australia. But Sri lanka killed 40,000 tamil civillians and they are shake hand with smiles and writting them about "softspoken", "gentleman", "nice person" like this..

Mr Rajan from Karnataka Tamil Makkal Iyakkam, Mr Balan lawyer of Karnataka Hight Court, Mr Shivasundar Kannada Writer spoke in the protest abouts genocide war against tamils in srilanka and how india supporting them in being a Gandhi Nation. They also talked about how people form the form of businessman, politician, actor, celebrities are supporting the unethical things and running behind the money.

Nearly hundreds of people gathered in the protests and press and media persons were covered the protest.
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